Cheryl Schultz | WSU Vancouver

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I am a conservation biologist. I use field and quantitative methods to address questions concerning the recovery of rare species and restoration of their habitats. I bring these approaches to conservation by working at the intersection of research, management and education. My research focuses on understanding the relative contributions of individual, population and landscape-level processes to the population viability of endangered species as these processes interface with realistic conservation interventions. Questions which motivate my current research include:

  • How can we understand behavioral responses to landscape change to enhance success of conservation programs?
  • How can we use individual and population-level responses to conservation tools such as herbicides and fire to augment populations of rare species?
  • What is the role of captive propagation in enhancing endangered species populations?
  • What key attributes of the biology of rare butterflies influence conservation design?
  • How do we restore habitat to meet the life history needs of endangered species?


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