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Welcome to the homepage of Dr. Jie Xu’s Microfluidics Laboratory.

Engineering at micro- and nano-level is a key to solving today’s global challenges. Just like the miniaturization of electronic chips at the end of last century, today’s mechanical engineers are following the same road map towards lab on a chip - tiny fluid processors.

Our research focus is on exploring micro interfacial sciences and creating revolutionary micro/nanofluidic systems to address pressing problems involving health, energy and environment.

This website presents our teaching and research activities. You are welcome to look at our publications and people. For those who are interested in joining the Microfluidics lab, please look at our positions.

NEWS: Dr. Xu has received another Amazon grant of $1,600 for using cloud for molecular dynamics simulations.

NEWS: Graduate student Ali Hashmi received another NSF travel award for attending the ASME conference. Second time in a row! Good job, Ali.

NEWS:  Graduate students Yuhao Xu and Garrett Heiman successfully defended their theses! Congratulations!

NEWS:  Both Ali Hashmi and Gabriel Dunham won an WSUV Research Showcase Award. One is at graduate level and the other is at undergraduate leve. Congratulations!

NEWS:  Dr. Xu has been elected a member of the Global Young Academy.

NEWS:  Our research has been featured in "Real Clear Science", see Scientists Levitate Cart with Water Vapor.

NEWS: Graduate student Ali Hashmi won the Best Presentation Award at the ASME-IMECE Microfludics Symposium.

NEWS: Dr. Xu received Tony B. Academic Travel Award.

NEWS: Graduate student Ali Hashmi received an NSF travel award for attending the ASME conference.

NEWS:  Dr. Xu received a research fund from TeloVISION. see WSU news

NEWS:  Undergraduate researcher Benjamin Coder received Sigma Xi Grants-in-Aid award (Sigma Xi news).  Undergraduate researcher Marina Reilly-Collette is awarded 2012 WSUV Distinguished Woman of the Year (WSU news).

NEWS:  Graduate students Nan Lei and Gan Yu successfully defended their theses! Congratulations!

NEWS: Dr. Jie Xu has received DARPA Young Faculty Award.

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