NW Passage: Spring 2009 - Vol. 7, No. 1

Cover [PDF]

Initial Pages: Acknowledgments and Table of Contents [PDF]

Educational Change through the Lens of Complexity Science: Changing Thinking for Changed Learners [PDF
Suzann Girtz, Gonzaga University

Cartographic Storytelling for a Changing World: The Pedagogical Praxis of Home in School [PDF]
Pauline Sameshima , Washington State University

Intersections of Language and Race for English Language Learners [PDF]
Tonda Liggett, Washington State University Vancouver 

What Teachers Should Know about Racism, Prejudice, and Privilege: A Literature Review [PDF]
Karie Mize, Western Oregon University

The Paired Placements Project: A Summary Report of a Field Experiences Initiative [PDF]
Craig Loewen, Thelma Gunn, Mary Dyck, and Shari Platt, University of Lethbridge 

Making Sense of Schools: Perceptions of Student Teacher Interns [PDF]
Laura Holyoke, University of Idaho and Al Fein, Gonzaga University 

Deficiencies in the Practicum Phase of Field-Based Education: Students' Views [PDF]
Edwin Ralph, Keith Walker, University of Saskatchewan, and Randy Wimmer, University of Alberta 

Secondary National Board Candidates and Attitudes Toward Assessment: A Qualitative Study [PDF]
Vincent A. Aleccia, Eastern Washington University

P-12 EDUCATOR'S VOICE: Teachers Working Together to Effect School Change [PDF]
Kathleen Wolfley, Vancouver School District, Vancouver, Washington 

Truthful Dialogue [PDF]
Nancy Meltzoff, Pacific University and Carla Gary, University of Oregon

Conflicting Discourses: Preservice Teacher Action Research as a Scaffold for Negotiating Student Teaching [PDF]
Kevin Carr, Pacific University

Research and Practice: A Tapestry of an EAL School [PDF]
Scott Robinson, Monterey Park School, and Al Fein, Gonzaga University

White Pre-Service Teachers' Dispositions towards Race and Ethnicity: A Focus on Social Justice [PDF]
Yukari Takimoto Amos, Central Washington University

Connecting Education Faculty to Appropriate Publication Outlets: An Online Annotated and Searchable List of Relevant Journals [PDF]
Marwin Britto, Central Washington University

Violence, the Classroom and the Changing Role of the Teacher [PDF]
David Hatch, Oregon State University

New and Experienced Teachers Applying Principles of Democratic Education to their Classrooms [PDF]
Richard D. Sawyer and Art Pearl, Washington State University Vancouver

Using Text to Speech Technology for High School Students with Reading and Language Deficits [PDF]
Leon Reisberg, Pacific Lutheran University, and Breann Vanden Bos, Hazen High School

Bullying Prevention: A Framework for Developing School-Based Programs [PDF]
Hal G. Jackson and Sarah W. French, Washington State University

Creativity and Guided Self-Reflection in Student Teachers [PDF]
Jim Henry, University of Lethbridge

Contributors [PDF]

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