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The Environmental Hydrodynamics Laboratory at WSU Vancouver examines the physics governing natural water flows, mixing, and sediment transport.  To study these topics we take a variety of approaches, ranging from extensive field measurements to computer simulations and original theoretical models.  In the long run, an improved understanding of Environmental Hydrodynamics might help managers to plan for such problems as coastal pollution, flooding, and erosion, and might help engineers to design better coastal structures (such as jetties and breakwaters).

Student Opportunities:

We have funding for two new Ph.D. students to join our lab in 2014.  These students will be supported by two National Science Foundation-funded projects:

Proect 1: Three-Dimensional Surfzone eddies

Project 2: Internal waves, mixing, and processing of Nitrate pollution in lakes.

If interested, please send a short (1-2 page) CV to


(360) 546-9268